Featured Project : Arvokas Metsämme

An extensive inter­active multi­media story­telling project focusing on the challenges and possi­bil­ities of our forest industry.
Consists of 12 articles and a full length feature film.

Cinematog­raphy by the award winning documen­tarist Petteri Saario / DocArt.

Elements used in the articles: text, stills, video, 360° imagery, virtual objects, inter­active graphics and original web design.

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Services DocImages Offers

  • Stills Photog­raphy
  • Video
  • 360° imagery and virtual objects
  • Drone stills, video, 360° and 3D modelling.
  • Inter­active infor­mation graphics natively designed for touch devices and data visualisation.
  • Modern web design  (HTML5/CSS/JS)  hand coded or template based – or both integrated.
  • Education and workshops
  • R&D –  and custom solutions

360° Imagery

360°  can be very powerful when one tries to convey the whole of ones surroundings. Virtual tours, both interior and exterior locations, pole photog­raphy and aerial 360° imagery.

Good example of the powerful story­telling capabil­ities of the 360° can be found in “Princess Sophie Diaries”.

Stills Photography

Over 30 years of experience in stills photog­raphy – including photo­jour­nal­istic work, press photog­raphy, corporate and high profile sports. Multiple awards and assign­ments ranging from  crisis areas, music- and corporate photog­raphy to seven Olympic Games,  Volvo Ocean Race sailing and Roland Garros/Wimbledon tennis.


Different visual approaches have their uses in modern visual story­telling, but video has become de facto way of visual story­telling in many environments.

Video is extremely powerful especially when conveying feelings, leading to a certain mood, or showing “how to” ‑material. Also very powerful in corporate use, showing the more humane aspect of the business.

Modern Web Design – Animated and Interactive Graphics

Most of the visual story­telling is in the web and most of that content seen on a touch device. DocImages focuses presently very strongly on devel­oping innov­ative and dynamic web narration and touch native visual storytelling.

It can be template based – such as this page – or it can be totally custom made HTML5/CSS/JS and hand coded, like many of the projects in the portfolio samples.

A great visual asset are inter­active graphics, which can be user manip­u­lated on touch screens.


Teaching for over a decade in three different univer­sities. Numerous confer­ences and keynotes in Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Norway. Teaching and consulting of different publishers, tv-networks, NGOs and organisations.

Workshops ranging from one day to three weeks, typically focusing on photog­raphy workflows, sports photog­raphy, video editing, multi­media- and visual story­telling as well as the future of the media and the challenge of devel­oping the essential skillset for the future. 

Research and Development

Lots of the R&D is behind the scenes – and the projects are often under NDA (Non Disclosure Agree­ments). As an example of R&D work which can be publicly seen, the background image displays the main screen (18x3 meters) of the Haltia Nature centre in Nuuksio, Finland, where DocImages was pivotal in devel­oping the camera rigging used for shooting material for the extreme HighDef and superwide exhibition display.

About DocImages – Visual Storytelling Studio

DocImages is an exper­i­mental multi­media- and visual story­telling company founded in 2010.  The founder, Kari Kuukka, was teaching in the University of Tampere visual journalism curriculum and the aspiring young talent was lacking an outlet for their work. Initiative from the students led to the creation of DocImages.

Kari went on to teach in Aalto University and Lahti University of Applied Sciences (former Institute of Design) along with pursuing his own career in high profile sports photog­raphy –  including e.g. seven Olympic Games, Volvo Ocean Race, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and world/european champi­onships in alpine skiing, athletics, ice hockey, figure skating, etc.  to name a few.

At the same time he was building his own expertise on multi­media- and visual story­telling, attending workshops around the world  (including two with Media Storm).

2016–17 he took almost a two years leave of absence from photog­raphy and proceeded to develop a teaching curriculum for all the skills and verticals necessary for the modern visual journalist.

Over the years DocImages has evolved into a visual story­telling studio centered very much on Kari’s work, but due to his long teaching career and extensive profes­sional network, he has ample connec­tions and contacts to work with. Former students he has worked with have gone to intern and work for National Geographic, Inter­na­tional Red Cross, and other inter­na­tional NGO’s — not to mention the national press.

Lately DocImages has had an  increasing collab­o­ration with some of the best documentary film makers in the country.

A Selection from the Portfolio

Veden valtakunta

Arvokas Metsämme

Featured project

When it is time to lay down your paddle 

Pysäytetyt – The Stopped Ones 

Day in a Life of a Newspaper 

National Parks of Finland 

Poste Restante


Mennään Metsään — Into the Forest 

Princess Sophie Diaries 

Vedenneito 2.0 – Maiden of the Lake 2.0

Vedenneito 1.0 – Maiden of the Lake 1.0

Alumni of Lahti University of Applied Sciences 

Kind of Happiness 

Dive In – an Application for Displaying Real Estate 

Valokuva, kellomuseo

The Finnish Museum of Horology – Suomen Kellomuseo, Espoo 

Lahti Ski Games 

Three Illustrators – Kolme Kuvittajaa 

Multicam Interview